1. Classic Pedicure $35 

Pedicure which included nails clip shape, cuticle trim callus removal warm lotion massage, and nail polish. Plus organic lemon sugar scrub removes dead skin.

2. Spa Pedicure $45 

Included classic pedicure bamboo massage, which helps to improve blood circulation, hor paraffin wax to moisture dry and cracked heels. Your choice of organic sugar scrubs: Lavender, Orange Pomegranates, and Tropical

3. Pedicure in the Box $50 

Four Step process with soaking solution helps to detox the skin, sugar scrub helps remove dead skin cell moisture lotion, leg mask, and end with a bamboo massage

*Add on paraffin wax or hot stone: $8

4. Nail Lux Deluxe Pedicure $65 

Included high quality of CUCCIO"products help energize your legs and feet (includes CUCCIO' sugar, lotion, and mask). Extra add-ons candle wax and bamboo massage to vitalize your legs.

5. Volcano Spa Luxury Pedicure $70 

Volcano Spa Luxury Pedicure is a beautiful, high-quality brand that provides spa clients an unforgettable experience. This spa-in-a-box provides more product with better quality, including natural-based ingredients and reluvenating collagen. The fun "Volcano Eruption" releases luxury fragrance into the air, filling the room with the lovely aroma. Volcano Pedicures will dazzle clients and keep them coming back for more!

Scents of your choice: Havana Secrets, Hot Lava, Full Pearl, Spearmint, Beach Paradise, Gold, Rose Orange No.5, Green Tea & Aloe Vera, Honey Pearl, Romance, Lavender, Tropical Citrus.

6. Collagen Spa Pedicure $80 
Formulated to relieve stress, detoxifies and soothes skin. Natural ingredients and oils boost vibrancy of skin helping tone and renew texture, while collagen diminishes lines and wrinkles leaving skin feeling smooth.
•Collagen Crystals: Removes toxins and soothes the skin.
• Collagen Sugar Cane Scrub: Boosts skin vibrancy and renews texture.
• Collagen Cream Mask: Deep cleanses and maintains youthful beauty.
• Collagen Muscle-Relaxing Gel: Refreshes and relieves muscle tension.
• Collagen Massage Lotion: Maintains skin hydration.
• Collagen Serum Lotion: Locks in moisture and improves skin elasticity.
• Hot Stone Massage: Reduces tension and improves blood circulation.
• Bamboo Sticks Massage: Helps reduce muscle tension and stimulates blood circulation.
Scent of your choice: Lavender & Lace, Sweet Orange, Crystal Waters, No.5 Perfume, Lemon Splash, Luxury Pearl


Classic Manicure $20 
Lux Manicure $35 
Gel No Chip Manicure $40 


Dip Only $47 & up
Dip w/ Manicure $57 & up
Dip Full Set $57 & up
Dip w/ French $57 & up
Dip w/ Ombre $60 & up


Manicure $15 
Pedicure $30 
Polish Hands/ Toes $8 / $10
Pedi Mani Combo $40 
Kid No Chip Manicure $35 


Full Set

Acrylic $40 & up
Gel Powder $50 & up
Fill In w/Gel Polish $55 & up
Pink & White $65 & up
Pink & White Ombre $65 & up
Glitter $68 & up


Acrylic $30 & up
Gel Powder $40 & up
Fill In w/Gel Polish $45 & up
Pink & White $55 & up
Pink & White Ombre $55 & up
Pink $40 & up


Color Change Nails/ Toes $12 / $15
Color Change French Nails/ Toes $15 / $17
Paraffin Wax $8 
Ombre $10 & Up
Acrylic / Dip Removal $15 - $10
Nails Repair (1) $3 & up
Special Nail Shape $5 
French Tips $7 
Long Nails $5 & up
Nails Design (2) $5 & up
Buff Shine $7 
NO Chip on Toes $20 
Hot Stone $8 
No Chip Removal $7 
Gel No Chip Color Change for Hands $30 
Gel No Chip Color Change for Toes $33 


Eyebrow $10 & up
Upper Lip $7 & up
Chin $10 & up
Side of Face $20 & up
Full Face $35 & up
Lower Legs $40 & up
Full Legs $60 & up
Lower Arms $25 & up
Full Arms $40 & up
Under Arms $20 & up
Chest $40 & up
Full Back $45 & up